terça-feira, 1 de outubro de 2013

And then there was coffee

Hello, world! Finally came to light the Koffee Bird group. Well, I call it a group but so far it is only me – however, that does not mean I am alone, since I am receiving help from some great people! Setting up everything has been a running mess with no end in sight, but finally there is a site to Koffee Bird... Actually, a blog, since I'm a starter.

I'm not used to all this stuff yet, but I sure do hope to learn how to be professional over the time. Even though the future is still unclear, Koffee Bird was created as a indie game developer, naturally not necessarily about coffee or birds. If everything goes in a happy rhythm, the very first one might be released pretty soon. Stay with us!

I'll start working with the theme and other stuff on the blog when I get the time and enough knowledge to do so.

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