segunda-feira, 22 de fevereiro de 2016

Okay, time to try to become active, again!

        I'm back... again. Really, keeping a blog updated is a lot harder than I initially thought. And I still need to learn ways to improve this basic layout...

        I haven't been writing in english for a while, so I may have got a little rusty and so I say sorry in advance! A few years ago, I tried to go indie on mobile and failed. I'd point out two main mistakes:

- Failing to notice I'm an awful game designer.
- Throwing away many prototypes. Have you ever heard MVP? Probably some of those prototypes that haven't ever seen the real world had a chance. Who knows? I've never released them, so I'll never know – and sometimes, not knowing is worse than failing.

        Rants aside, I got a job and had to stop games development since there were so many things that I needed to learn in order to keep up with the team. Working in a professional team has really helped me to develop new ways of handling other people code and logic as well as how to behave in a project under the wings of Scrum (if you're a programmer, you probably understand how hard this could be).

        Now I've got some free time for side projects again, and went off using Unity 3d until I realized that on free time it's really hard to make a complete game – even in Unity – so I'll take this opportunity to go back to C++ that, despite being my favorite language, I've only used until graduation, and also learn C11. Don't know if I'll continue the "asm" series, but surely there'll be some posts about my frustations adventures with C++ in the near future. And yes, I'm very aware that if I wouldn’t finish a game in Unity 3d, its a lot more likely that I won't ever get even close to it in a lower level environment.

For great justice.

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