domingo, 7 de janeiro de 2018

Updates on the Heldelland project

It’s been, yet again, a long time since my last post. Truly enough, programming a game on free time really goes way slower than I ever thought it would be. Nevertheless, the project is still going on and increasing a little bit on every week. I decided to open the source before releasing the game itself, since the project is for learning purposes. The code can be found on Bitbucket (link).

As of now, you can’t build it since it depends on Suna, a simple lib that I’ll open source it when it becomes the bare minimum to become acceptable to exist. If you want to build it anyway, get in touch that I’ll send the includes and lib file.

What has happened in this last year? The yaml prefab loading is partially done, but then I halted it since it was not my immediate need. I did lots of code refactoring everywhere, to bring back some amount of sanity to the code – I’m gradually starting to believe that I’m following the KISS way of thinking based on a misleaded understanding. There is still a lot of code to refactor remaining…

Now I’m trying to bring some Data-Oriented Design to the game logic, and I’m also studying on how can I use templates, generics and perhaps metaprogramming to my day-to-day free time coding. I wish myself some luck!

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